February 8, 2013

Hey girl...it's a meme link party!

When I saw the announcement from View Along the Way for a Valentine's Day inspired meme project, I was in fits of giggles. Kelly's posts are always hilarious and the Ryan Gosling 'Hey girl' memes keep me in stitches.
Here's one of my favorites (via).

Kelly and her fellow challenge organizers have tasked us with creating 'Hey girl' memes with our men. 
Challenge accepted! 

Dog never follows the rules. 

February 1, 2013

The Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

Last Friday, John & Sherry from YHL (yup, I'm on a first name basis with them since we met) posed a challenge. Based on the exuberant rap song about thrifting, they challenged us to virtually go thrifting together!

My Thrift Store
I chose this hidden gem of a thrift store. Like most Californians, I use Yelp for almost everything and that's exactly how I found a store for this challenge. The store has limited hours and is operated solely by retired older women. They were so sweet to me and even carved out a spot in the back room for me to nurse the baby.

My Spoils
I went thrifting on a mission to find baby clothes. No luck, but I did find a small photo album for 50 cents. I'm planning on using this to make a photo book of family faces for the baby.

Scavenger Hunt
This was the fun part, even though I did feel a little weird wondering around by myself snapping pictures (while wearing a baby). Here's what I found from the song...

Big A$$ Coat (bonus points for fur?)

Shoes with velcro

Brown leather jacket

A velour pant suit

And other oddities, just for fun...

I think the wooden shoes are my favorite!
Happy  thrifting.

January 28, 2013

I'm Back!

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes our way! It really does take about 2 months to feel relatively normal again after a baby is born. Our little guy just turned 9 weeks, and I'm ready to get back into the blogging world.

I thought to myself...what better way to re-enter the online community than meeting John & Sherry from Young House Love? Yeah, I couldn't think of anything more awesome either.

Of course, they were sweet and gracious. This is how I remember our conversation...

Me: (Stammering and a bit star struck) I like your diapers.

Them: (Awkward stare.)

Me: Um...I really liked your cloth diapers posts. They were so helpful in making my decision to use cloth diapers.

Sherry: Yeah, the diapers are great. I don't want to turn into one of those people who talk about cloth diapers all the time.

Me: (Thinking: Oh, have I turned into one of those people? Is that really a bad thing? I must be one of those people. I'm okay with that.) Saying: I read a quote somewhere that said something like, "You'll know if a mom uses cloth diapers because she'll be sure to talk about it."

Sherry: (Said something in agreement to the quote. I don't remember.)

Picture time.

My awesome husband (who bought me the YHL book for Christmas) took the pictures above. He also waited in line with me for 2 hours. Baby did really well with the long line. In preparation for a long wait, I had been practicing at home nuring in the moby wrap and my new skills came in handy.

I can easily say that the book signing was the highlight of my weekend! 
It was just the motivation I needed to get back into crafting projects and blog posts. 
What has inspired you recently?

December 8, 2012

Baby News

Baby boy has arrived and we are completely smitten with him! 
9lbs, 3oz & 22in long!
I'm going to be stepping away from the blog for a little while so that we can have a proper nesting period. Thank you for your support and encouragement during this exciting time in our lives!

November 14, 2012

Falling Stars

Just a quick post to say that, yes, I'm still pregnant. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and we've been busy getting the final details in place for baby's arrival. We've also made sure to take a little time for ourselves...we snuck away to our favorite beach to watch the sunset last weekend!

Alright, now onto the topic of falling stars.
I've been trying to make a mobile to hang over the baby's changing table. I love the idea of using shiny material to capture baby's attention. Perhaps something like this. So I set about to make my own version, using an embroidery hoop, bamboo sticks, tape, fishing line, glue dots, and metallic crafting paper cut into stars.
I used the glue dots to secure two stars together on the fishing line that was tied to the embroidery hoop. Sadly, the glue dots were no match for the slippery fishing line and I was left with falling stars in the morning.

The stars were just slipping right off the line! I tried to save them by using a different glue. It just wasn't happening for me. Ah well. I abandoned this project and am progressing with Plan B. It'll be interesting to see how far I can get with this plan before baby arrives.

November 5, 2012

Simple & Classy Diaper Cakes

Babies. Babies. Babies.
I'm telling you, there must be something in the water around here! First there was my friend Kari, then Melissa, you can't forget me, and now we have another friend who is due! Thaveshni's sister and Melissa organized her recent baby shower. They asked me to make diaper cakes for table decorations and instructed me on the colors and theme - brown & green with zoo animals.

I combined a variety of resources to create the diaper cakes. These included talking with friends, an old Kinder Kakes instruction booklet from a friend's mom, Pinterest, and good ol' Google.  All I knew for certain was that I wanted the diapers hidden. I didn't want it to scream BABY. I was going for a classy diaper cake (I know, not a useful description).
I found this tutorial the most helpful.

Many of the tutorials online require two people to complete the diaper cake. This was not in the cards for me. So I improvised and was able to make two smaller cakes all by my pregnant self. Here's how I did it:

Step 1:
Begin with a concept in order to determine the materials you will need. (My severe lack of artistic ability cracks me up.)

Step 2:
Gather your materials. I used the following (most of my supplies were purchased at Michael's):
- box of newborn diapers (purchased from mom-to-be's registry)
- a gazillion rubberbands
- two paper towel tubes
- tape
- white tissue paper
- wide white satin ribbon, without wire
- colorful ribbon
- brown scrapbook paper
- baker's twine
- bamboo sticks
- burlap

Step 3:
Roll each tiny diaper and secure with a rubber band.

Step 4:
Begin at the base of your paper towel tube and secure the rolled diapers with a rubber band.

Step 5:
Add a second layer of diapers to the base of your cake, secured by another rubber band. 
Tip: I placed the rubber band around first, and then slipped the diapers under one at a time.

I then repeated the process for my second cake.

Step 6:
Take 1 or 2 pieces of tissue paper (depending on coverage you're intending) and fold into a square. 
Cut the corner off of the square.

Step 7:
Unfold the paper and place over your diaper cake. Cut off access paper and secure by taping to the bottom of the diaper cake. The sides will be covered with white ribbon later, so it doesn't need to be pretty.
This layer works to hide the diapers and provides a clean slate for the rest of the project. 

Step 8: 
Add another tier of diapers.

Step 9:
Cover your top tier with tissue paper  & secure with tape (no need to cut a hole).

Step 10:
Add ribbon to the sides only & secure with tape. Think of this as the fondant on a cake.
I needed two layers of ribbon to completely cover the sides of my cake.
As you can see below, I taped the ribbon to the very top of the cake. I didn't like that look, but couldn't undo it. So I left it untaped on the second cake.

Step 11:
Add decorative ribbon around the middle & secure with tape.

Step 12:
Now that your base is complete, you can get really creative!
I looked for inspiration from actual cakes. I thought that a little pennant banner would be cute on top.
I just shoved the bamboo sticks down into the diaper cake (no additional securing needed), and cut triangles from the burlap. I used a large-eyed needle to attach the triangles to my baker's twine & tied the twine onto the bamboo. 

Step 13:
I incorporated the zoo animal theme by adding silhouettes onto the cake. Google images was instrumental in finding specific animal silhouettes.
I printed the image, cut it out, traced it onto my brown scrapbook paper, and then cut out the final image. Tape was all I used to keep the animals in place on the cake.

You're done!

I'll admit, this isn't a quick project. It took me a couple of days with lots of breaks. The hardest part for me was deciding on what I actually wanted the final product to look like. Speaking of final product...

And just for fun, a picture of my constant helpers...baby and the beast.

Have you made a diaper cake before? What other tricks have you learned?
What additional methods would you use to incorporate the party theme?

Follow along with my DIY adventures. 
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This week I'm linking to some of the parties found here.

October 29, 2012

Maternity Pictures

Woo Hoo, I'm finally participating in the Pinterest Challenge! This brilliant event is the brain child of Young House Love & Bower Power (see the links for more information on the history of this challenge). The basic idea is to take something you've pinned on Pinterest and create your own version.

Since there is a baby in my belly (and I can't seem to think about anything else) I decided to take the opportunity to share some of our homemade maternity pictures that have been inspired by various pins.
To see my pinspiration board for additional maternity & baby pictures, click here.

1) Inspired by this popular pin, I wanted to capture our excitement/relief/awe when seeing that little "Yes+" pop up on the pregnancy test display.

2) The idea of little shoes just waiting to be filled with little feet has inspired many pictures, like this one. I just love the picture's simplicity and how it holds so much imagination & hope for the future. As expecting parents, we can't help but imagine what our little person's personality will be, what they will look like, and what their future will hold.
This picture silently holds our hopes and dreams for the little person growing inside of me. This is our family.
I am going to birth a baby, but our baby will create a mother and father. We will forever be someone's parents. Our future is held in those little shoes.

3) Like many best-laid-plans in life, some things just are not able to fully materialize. That was the case with our gender reveal picture. I absolutely love this picture, where she uses a blue scarf to reveal baby's sex. My intention was to go to a favorite local park on a nice day and have hubby take a similar picture of me. Well, that didn't happen. We were just so excited after the ultrasound and couldn't keep the news to ourselves one second longer!
On the day our ultrasound I made and brought two signs, one for a boy and one for a girl. After learning baby's sex, and while still in the exam room, we asked the tech to take a picture with hubby's phone and then we sent this picture to friends and family as soon as we walked into the waiting room!

4 & 5) When I first saw this weekly picture collage, I was smitten. I especially loved how she wore the same dress in each picture. I knew that I wanted to do something similar when I became pregnant. Then I came across this series of chalkboard illustrations documenting the weekly belly growth. So perfect! I decided to combine the two in order to document our baby's growth. Words are mine, fruit & vegetable drawings are compliments of The Beard. We're not exactly sure what we'll be doing with the pictures in the long run, but it's been rewarding to look back and see my belly grow week after week.

We are beyond excited to meet our little man...due on Thanksgiving Day!

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