February 8, 2013

Hey girl...it's a meme link party!

When I saw the announcement from View Along the Way for a Valentine's Day inspired meme project, I was in fits of giggles. Kelly's posts are always hilarious and the Ryan Gosling 'Hey girl' memes keep me in stitches.
Here's one of my favorites (via).

Kelly and her fellow challenge organizers have tasked us with creating 'Hey girl' memes with our men. 
Challenge accepted! 

Dog never follows the rules. 


  1. LOL.... I like the map one for sure but the canine wins every time!


  2. Ha ha ha! Yours are awesome. I love it! This is such a fun way to laugh and see the "husband" side of my favorite blogs.


  3. Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

    And thank you for sharing at the Wildly Original link party.
    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  4. OMG! I LOVED all of these, but I did this awkward guffaw all to myself when I saw the "contentration to your craft" one. I have ruined so many things of my husband's just because I hate the prep work before a project and always assume that somehow "THIS TIME" I won't get paint everywhere. And the dog barf? Hilarious!

  5. Hahahaha! I'm not allowed to spray paint in the front yard for that very reason!

  6. Oh goodness. You are good. Really good. Can't stop laughing. I'm totally borrowing "concentration to my craft". Seriously. I can't wait to use it. Thanks so much for joining.